DDPO and REC Pilot

The Beaumont Hospital Deputy Data Protection Officer (DDPO) and Research Ethics Committee (REC) have been pilotting joint and parallel review of research Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and applications for research ethics approval.

These draft DDPO-REC Pilot Appendices (May 2021) represent knowledge gained to date.

In the longer term, the DDPO hopes to develop a "formal checklist" to assess when advice of the DDPO should be sought, and a video to assist researchers in completing the DPIA correctly.

Ultimate responsibility for completion of the DPIA rests with the researcher who needs to retain and maintain a copy of the most up to date DPIA and make available to the DDPO, DPO or Data Protection Commission (DPC) on request.

GDPR allows Data Protection Officers to provide advice and feedback on DPIAs where this is requested.