Clinical Indemnity Scheme

Beaumont Ethics (Medical Research) Committee received formal notification from AON Healthcare on the 3rd December 2021 as follows: -

'To confirm, the Principal Investigator (PI) is required to be a hospital employee (DSA clinician) for all research / clinical trials, in order to meet the criteria for confirming CIS cover. This has always been the requirement for confirming CIS cover for clinical trials/ non-interventional research.'


The State Claims Agency confirmed on the 13th December 2021: -

'....that it is a condition of cover under the Clinical Indemnity Scheme (CIS) that a Delegated State Authority (DSA) clinician is the Chief Investigator/Principal Investigator for health research under taken in a DSA.'

{DSA - delegated state authority;
clinician - authorised healthcare professional;
Beaumont Hospital is a DSA}