Temporary National Research Ethics Committee - COVID-19

A temporary National Research Ethics Committee (NREC) approved approximately 100 research studies on COVID-19 between April and August 2020.

Principal Investigators who received research ethics committee approval from the NREC were advised as part of the process to notify the State Claims Agency see FAQ 13, and the local research ethics committee(s)/site(s) see FAQ 14

13 studies have been notified as taking place in Beaumont Hospital to date, NREC reference numbers as follows -

20-NREC-COV-01 20-NREC-COV-19 20-NREC-COV-26 20-NREC-COV-44 20-NREC-COV-47
20-NREC-COV-51 20-NREC-COV-54 20-NREC-COV-69 20-NREC-COV-72 20-NREC-COV-77
20-NREC-COV-85 20-NREC-COV-86 20-NREC-COV-103

To notify a study, please complete and send this Registration Form to Ms. Lynne Mc Glynn, Tel 01 797 47 11, lynnemcglynn@beaumont.ie (Weds & Thurs), or alternatively, follow the Beaumont Hospital site sign off process.

The Beaumont Hospital Data Protection Impact Assessment for Research and Clinical Trials is available here. Applies in respect of all studies/trials taking place in the hospital which involve processing of personal data for the purposes of health research.