Genomic Research

Genomic research differs from genetic research - see resources from the National Human Genome Institute in the United States.

The Information Commissioner's Office in the UK commissioned the PHG Foundation to explore the interplay between genomic research and GDPR. The final report entitled "The GDPR and Genomic Data Report" was published in May 2020.

The Irish Health Research Forum published the IHRF Discussion Document Advancing Genomics Research in Ireland in November 2020, and the follow-up Part 2 Advancing Genomics Research in Ireland Report in May 2021.

A Royal Irish Academy symposium held on the 15 April 2021, included a panel session on New Genomics Opportunities and Challenges in Ireland

Future developments in this area may include national legislation, and sector-specific codes of conduct.

National Research Ethics Committee (NREC)

A national research ethics committee to review genomic research has been indicated by the Department of Health to be of priority.