(Clinical Trials of Medicinal Products /
Clinical Investigations of Medical Devices /
Post-Marketing Follow Up Studies of Medical Devices

taking place in Beaumont Hospital only
  • Please confirm with the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) if you are uncertain if your study is a clinical trial of a medicine.
  • Please confirm with the National Research Ethics Committee for Medical Devices (NREC-MD) if you are uncertain if your study is a clinical investigation of a medical device, or a post-marketing follow up study of a medical device.
  • Clinical Trials of Medicines cannot be accepted for review.
  • Studies which fall under the remit of the NREC-MD cannot be accepted for review.
Beaumont Hospital Local Checklist (updated 2 Feb 2024)
The checklist outlines this committee's requirements, the documents for submission, and the method of submission
Beaumont Hospital Local Signatory Page (updated December 2022)
The signatory page contains declarations to be signed by Investigators and Academic Supervisors
Research Ethics Committee Standard Application Form (RECSAF) 5.6 (adapted version, copyright Beaumont Hospital)(last updated 26 June 2023)
Substantial Change to Application Form, 26.6.23
Only forms downloaded from this website will be accepted for review.
Always refer to the accompanying Instructions, the Health Research Regulations, and the HSE Consent Policy when completing the application form on this site
Guidance Manual / Instructions 5.6 (adapted 31 August 2018, copyright RCSI & Beaumont Hospital)
Frequently Made Mistakes (updated June 2023)
Sample Answers J1 and J2 - Beaumont only
Template Data Protection Impact Assessment (Beaumont)Link
Template Information Leaflets and Consent Forms (Beaumont)Link
Clinical Trial Indemnity Form, 18.8.21Link
Radiation Declaration Form
SUPPLEMENTARY Questions when applying for a single national opinion for a study which involves exposure to medical ionising radiation (2 Feb 2024)
Genomic Research with a Commercial Company Declaration Form
Invoice Details Form
Fee StructureLink
Third Parties and ContractsLink
How to submit to Beaumont EthicsLink
Health Research Regulations 2018Link to HRB Website
Health Research Consent Declaration CommitteeLink to CDC Website
Health Research Regulations, Capacity and the HRCDCLink
HSE Consent Policy for Research (2023)Link to HSE Website
European Commission Ethics and Data Protection (November 2018)Link to EC website
Recurring Review Themes
The RCSI Sample Size Handbook - a rough guide (May 2021 version) Prof. R. Conroy