The following Templates were Revised in line with GDPR 2016, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the HSE Consent Policy 2017 on the 25th May 2018
Edits Made 31st July 2022 in line with user feedback
Date of Upload of edited editions to this Website: 2nd August 2022

These templates are compulsory for Use when applying to Beaumont Hospital Ethics (Medical Research) Committee

Template Patient Information Leaflet 31 Jul 2022
Template Patient Consent Form 31 July 2022
Template Patient Consent Form (Retention of Tissue) 31 July 2022
Template Patient Consent Form (Retention of Tissue - Genetics)
31 July 2022
Recording 7.1 Common Issues 1 (specific)
(2.37 minutes)
Transcript 7.1
Recording 7.2
(1 minute)
Transcript 7.2 Common Issues 2 (general)
Recording 7.3 Common issues 3 (data protection)
(4.23 minutes)
Transcript 7.3
Recording 7.4 Common Issues 4 (future use)
(2.11 minutes)
Transcript 7.4
Recording 7.5 Common Issues 5 (consent forms)
(1.49 minutes)
Transcript 7.5

These templates have been designed assist researchers to meet the requirements for "explicit consent" in GDPR 2016, and the Health Research Regulations 2018, and were commissioned by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Beaumont Hospital.

Only templates downloaded from this website will be accepted for review. The templates in use in the SJH/AMNCH Research Ethics Committee, although similar, differ from those on this site, and are not accepted for review by this committee.