Pre-Screening by Beaumont Hospital employees

Amendments to the Health Research Regulations took effect on the 21st January 2021 - see government announcement

As a result, Beaumont Hospital employees can now conduct pre-screening i.e. access and view the records of Beaumont Hospital patients with a view to making an assessment if they meet the eligibility criteria to take part in a proposed research study.

[Applies to employees who ordinarily have access to records only e.g. healthcare professionals, medical records clerks ]

Subject to above:

  • Explicit consent not required
  • Research Ethics Approval not required

[Applies to pre-screening conducted by Beaumont Hospital employees on records of Beaumont Hospital patients only.]

Pre-Screening by students

Pre-screening may also be conducted by students on placement in Beaumont Hospital who are in training to become a 'healthcare practitioner'

All students, including student nurses and doctors, must be "under the direction and control" of Beaumont Hospital at all times.