Radiation Studies

Research Studies which involve exposure to medical ionising radiation fall under the scope of S.I. No. 256/2018 - European Union (Basic Safety Standards for Protection Against Dangers Arising from Medical Exposure to Ionising Radiation) Regulations 2018

This Sample Checklist (drafted BH Ethics, November 2020) may provide a useful starting point for assessing compliance with S.I No 256/2018.

Beaumont Hospital

The Beaumont Hospital Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) / Radiation Safety Adviser (RSA) needs to be notified when the medical exposure is proposed to take place in Beaumont Hospital. To notify the RSC, send the RSC NOTIFICATION FORM to thomasheary@beaumont.ie

Where the exposure takes place in another hospital, organisation or 'undertaking', please notify the RSC/RSA in that organisation.

It is not necessary to notify the Beaumont Hospital RSA in cases where the medical exposure will take place in the Beaumont Hospital Private Clinic, or in the St. Luke's Radiation Oncology Unit - the Beaumont Hospital Private Clinic and the St. Luke's Radiation Oncology Unit are separate 'undertakings'.

See Radiation Declaration Form (drafted BH Ethics) if uncertain.

National Research Ethics Committee

A National Research Ethics Committee - Ionising Radiation (NREC-IR) is at planning stages.