RCSI Sponsorship Office - 'Beaumont Hospital specific' Institutional Review - SOP (updated May 2023)

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) Sponsorship Office released an updated RCSI Sponsorship Office 'Beaumont Hospital specific' Institutional Review SOP on the 19 May 2023

This RCSI SOP only applies in respect of clinical research studies which involve Beaumont Hospital patients, their tissue or their data and only applies where the Royal College of Surgeons has a role in the study.

It requires investigators to contact the RCSI Sponsorship Officer early on when planning a research study.

The process also applies to students conducting research for the purposes of obtaining an academic qualification (MCh, MD, MSc, PhD) from RCSI.

Contact with the RCSI Sponsorship Officer occurs in advance of applying for research ethics approval. This is irrespective of whether one is planning to submit to Beaumont Ethics Committee, or to one of the national research ethics committees.

The RCSI Sponsorship Officer will advise whether the study in planning is interventional or observational, and whether it is necessary to complete the RCSI Sponsorship Office Clinical Research Study Registration Form (last updated 19 May 2023) or the RCSI Contracts Office Material Data Transfer Form (A copy of this form can be requested from the RCSI Research Contracts Office)


The RCSI Sponsorship Officer can be contacted at: - mauricedowling@rcsi.ie

The RCSI Sponsorship Office can be contacted at: - sponsorship@rcsi.ie


The RCSI Contracts Officer can be contacted at: - researchcontracts@rcsi.ie

The RCSI DPO can be contacted at: - dataprotection@rcsi.ie