The Beaumont Hospital Ethics (Medical Research) Committee reviews applications to undertake research in Beaumont Hospital.

NEWS ITEM: HSE RGMS Framework - launched Sept 2021
The HSE National Office for Research and Development launched.....

NEWS ITEM: Form of Indemnity for Clinical Studies - revised version, Aug 2021
A State Claims Agency released a revised.....

NEWS ITEM: Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) - revised version, Aug 2021
A Beaumont Hospital Deputy Data Protection Officer released a revised.....

NEWS ITEM: Substantial Change to Application - June 2021
A substantial change to the application form.....

Amendments to the HRRs

Audit and Service Evaluation

Broad Consent - is it permissible?

Case Reports / Case Studies / Case Series

Copy of the Consent under the HRRs (as amended)

Challenges in identifying Data Controllers

Data Subject Rights Self Assessment

DDPO and REC Pilot

DPIA / Data Protection Reviews

Ethical Risk Self Assessment

Health Research Regulations, Capacity and the HRCDC

Genetic Data - can it be anonymised?

Genomic Research

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