The Beaumont Hospital Ethics (Medical Research) Committee reviews applications to undertake research in Beaumont Hospital.

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RCSI Sponsorship Office (Pre-Ethics) Process

Micro-course for New Applicants to the Ethics Committee
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Substantial Change to Application Form July 2024
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Beaumont Hospital Site Sign Off (Post-Ethics) Process


Amendments to the HRRs

Artificial Intelligence

Audit and Service Evaluation

Broad Consent - is it permissible?

Case Reports / Case Studies / Case Series

Challenges in identifying Data Controllers

Copy of the Consent under the HRRs (as amended)

Cover under the Clinical Indemnity Scheme

DPIA and TIA for Research and Clinical Trials

DPIA / Data Protection Reviews

Health Research Data Protection Network

Health Research Regulations, Capacity and the HRCDC

Genetic Data - can it be anonymised?

Genomic Research

Public Patient Involvement (PPI)




Radiation Questions

Radiation Studies

Research Database

Retrospective Chart Review Studies

RCSI Hospital Group - Research Ethics Committees

Site Sign Off Process

State Indemnity Guidance 10

Staff Survey Studies

The Irish Take - GDPR and Research

Third Parties and Contracts

Training #1- How to complete a REC Application
(40 mins)(Dr. Lyndon Walker)(2021)

Training #2- GDPR and Health Data
(35 mins)(plus 30 mins Q and A)(Ghent University DPO)(2021)

Training #3- Health Research Regulations 2018
(30 mins)(HRB)(2018)

Training #4- Submitting to Beaumont Hospital Research Ethics Committee
(5 mins)(video series)(Beaumont Ethics)(2024)

Training #5- Completing the Application Form and DPIA, and Developing Information Leaflets and Consent Forms
(instruction sheets and sample applications)(Beaumont Ethics)(2024)